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Article: The Benefits of Small Batch Furniture Production

The Benefits of Small Batch Furniture Production

The Benefits of Small Batch Furniture Production

We manufacture our products in small batches. This adds some cost to our production process and makes it a little more challenging to ensure every piece in our collection remains in stock all the time, but there are a multitude of reasons why we have chosen to run our business this way. Here is a little insight into why we produce in small batches, and what it means for our business, our valued customers and the environment.

1. Design exclusivity
Your home is unique and we want to help you keep it that way. Our small batch production provides peace of mind that you’re adding distinctive designs to your home that aren’t produced en masse and available for purchase in every big box store across the country.

2. Regular product optimisation
Because we manufacture our own designs, every time we begin a new production run, we can tweak and fine-tune aesthetics, quality and functionality. Whether it’s feedback we’ve received from our customers on how we can make our pieces more functional, or optimisations we’ve noted related to design aesthetics, we have regular opportunities to make changes and improvements to our products because we’re not producing excessive quantities.

3. Comprehensive quality control
Producing in smaller volumes means we have more control over our quality checking processes and that our Quality team can review almost every piece that comes out of the workshop (rather than just one in every five, or ten!). This approach to quality control guarantees a high level of quality across all of four products and collections.

4. Reduced risk of wasted stock
There is always the risk that, for whatever reason, a product doesn’t sell as well as you expect it will (sometimes that goes the other way too!). Producing in small batches reduces the risk of being left with excess stock, that may otherwise end up in landfill. This is both beneficial for the health of our business but more importantly, means we are not contributing to landfill, winning!

5. A wide variety of unique designs
There is nothing we love more than bringing a new design to life and we have SO many ideas (some of them thanks to our lovely followers and customers!). This year alone we will develop between 12 – 15 new products which means a continually growing product range for you, by offering a wider variety of designs, plus there is the added benefit that we get to regularly do what we love!

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