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Our story

French inspired. Australian Designed.

A love for all things French vintage

Rekindle Design Co. was born after founders Lena and Hendrik returned to Australia in 2019 after living in Europe for over a decade. During their time abroad they fell in love with the abundance of beautiful, vintage wares available at markets and from second-hand dealers across Europe.

With the dream of bringing some of these beautiful designs to the Australian market, a few sketches were penned and not long after they ordered their first sample collection.. and so began the journey of Rekindle Design Co.!

For your peace of mind

Quality craftsmanship

In an era where "fast furniture" is increasingly prevalent, we aim to contribute to the solution by advocating for mindful consumption, urging consumers to select with care and invest in pieces they will love for a lifetime.

At Rekindle Design Co. each piece is crafted with the intention it will outlast the lifetime of it's first owner. Using only solid timber means that in years to come our pieces can be passed down and lovingly restored by future generations.

French inspired

Australian designed

Each design within our furniture collections is uniquely exclusive to Rekindle Design Co.

Inspired by the timeless charm of French vintage classics, each piece is crafted through our thoughtful design process on the Sunshine Coast and brought to life in small batches by our skilled woodworking teams based in Vietnam.

Make a statement with

Unique pieces

Finding well-crafted, unique furniture at an affordable price can be a challenging endeavor in Australia.

So many chain stores stock mass-produced, sub-par quality products you see over and over. Our design approach spans several months, with a focus on intricate details that render each design distinctive and conversation-worthy within your home.

The faces behind the furniture


As Co-founder and Creative Director, Rekindle Design Co. has been a passion project of Lena’s for many years. 

During the first part of her career, Lena spent several years working for her family's business which is where her entrepreneurial spirit was born.  

With an Australian mother and a Swiss father, Lena grew up in Brisbane but spent close to 15 years living and working in Switzerland, where she discovered her love for vintage European furniture and homewares. Lena is responsible for the design of all of Rekindle Design Co.'s exclusive pieces and products.


Hendrik is originally from Germany but moved out to Australia in 2019 after falling in love with the wide-open spaces and amazing wildlife.  Hendrik runs logistics and quality control at Rekindle Design Co.  He makes sure your orders are packaged securely and delivered out to you safely and on time! Hendrik also works closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure our products meet his German quality standards! 

Hendrik's meticulous attention to detail and strong work ethic have made him an indispensable asset at Rekindle Design Co. His German precision and dedication to quality control ensure that every product leaving their facility meets the highest standards.